‘IRITIS’ ‘Iritis’ – inflammation of the colored portion of the eye, is an ocular emergency, and may present with: ○ Major Pain ○ Blurriness & Loss of Vision ○ deeply injected conjunctivitis s radiating OUTWARD from the pupil, s as opposed to conjunctivitis which points inward TOWARD the pupil ○ a smaller or distorted pupil  


Allergic Conjunctivitis

PINK EYE ‘Pink Eye’ is a general term for ‘conjunctivitis’ – inflammation and often redness and injection of the membrane covering the front of the eye and lining the insides of the eyelids – there are many kinds: “Allergic” Conjunctivitis – see the first image, the cartoon: ○ almost always redness of the eye and swelling of the lids ○ typically major itching ○ discharge/pus is rare ○ it is NOT contagious ○ treated with topical/oral antihistamines or steroids