Periorbital Cellulitis

Periorbital Cellulitis What is it?? ÿInside of our eye sockets there s a thin wall called the orbital septum that separates the area in the front of our eyes, in the front of that wall, from the areas in the back: Periorbital Cellulitis is an infection of the eyelid and surrounding tissues in front of the septum Periorbital cellulitis is often called Preseptal cellulitis, the two terms are used interchangeably Orbital Cellulitis is an infection of the orbital tissues behind the orbital septum ÿWhich infection might develop is determined by which side of that wall it s on: Preseptal Cellulitis...


Bacterial Conjunctivitis

PINK EYE ‘Pink Eye’ is a general term for ‘conjunctivitis’ – inflammation and often redness and injection of the membrane covering the front of the eye and lining the insides of the eyelids – there are many kinds: “Bacterial” Conjunctivitis – see the first image, the cartoon: ○ redness of the eye ○ sticky & watery discharge ○ VERY contagious ○ treated with topical antibiotics